Gokwe Diocese; a Church on the move in transforming communities with pro-poor projects.

By Br. Alfonce Kugwa

Christians in Gokwe are enthusiatic to support the new missions which the diocese opened since 2017.

Christians in Gokwe are enthusiastic to support the new missions being opened in Gokwe.

Gokwe Diocese is a Church on the move as witnessed by numerous developmental projects lined up for the local church. The diocese has come of age in self-supporting, self-propagating and self-ministering efforts. A visit to the diocese and a tour of some projects revealed that the diocese has great potential to transform the lives of people in the surrounding communities. When Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro took over, Gokwe Diocese already showed positive signs of maturity from the well laid foundation by his two predecessors. Today, the diocese continues to shape up with faith in action. Self-reliance projects, schools and new missions serve as evangelizing tools for the diocese that places people at the centre. With the country’s failing economy and people’s loss of trust in the government, the only hope for the people of Gokwe lies in the diocese’s initiatives that are pro-poor in nature. Continue reading